Detailed Guide on How to Unblock Youtube

Welcome at the step by step guide to Unblock Youtube Videos. Here In this post, I will tell you how to deal with the YouTube Unblocker. As we already know about YouTube, YouTube is the world’s number one Video streaming sites. Welcome at the step by step guide to Unblock Youtube Videos. Here In this post, I will tell you how to deal with the YouTube Unblocker. As we already know about YouTube, YouTube is the world’s number one Video streaming sites. Welcome at the step by step guide for Youtube Unblocked Videos. Here In this post, I will tell you how to deal with the YouTube Unblocker. As we already know about YouTube, YouTube is the world’s number one Video streaming sites.

Youtube is the place where you will get all types of Videos online. But in the case when YouTube is blocked, in your area then what will you do?

You have to go with YouTube  Unblocker,

Yes, you heard it right!!!

You will get the Step by Step YouTube Unblocker guide by which you can easily unblock your YouTube and then you can watch your favorite videos on YouTube.

So please go throughout the end of the post to get the best youtube unblocker to unblock youtube video.

Guide on youtube unblocked
Unblocked Youtube

Nowadays at many places like school, colleges, office and somewhere else YouTube is blocked due to the various reason.

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Some reasons are for increasing the productivity of people or some more reasons are privacy and other concern. Read Censorship of YouTube to get more clear about the reason.

It will be better that do not discuss more on the issue of why YouTube unblocked in schools and any other place, or country. Rather than we will get the YouTube unblocker and unblock the banned YouTube.

YouTube Unblocker

Before going anywhere, first of all, I would like to tell you and aware you about YouTube Unblocker. Yes, There may be a question arises in your mind that what is YouTube Unblocker.

It is a kind of a script or software which is available and hosted on the websites so that by visiting there you can unblock youtube and you can also watch blocked video on YouTube.

So YouTube unblocker may be the chrome extensions, maybe the FireFox Add-on. Some are YouTube unblocker app available nowadays. So In this post, we will deal with the various kind of YouTube Unblocker.

In your country, in your school or at your workplace YouTube is blocked and you have an urgent work or task or also, you want to watch the movies, videos or tutorials on YouTube. But the problem and issue are that how you will watch the block YouTube?

So is there any solution YouTube is blocked and banned in my school how to watch YouTube videos? Yes, there is a solution that is called the YouTube Unblocker. There are many YouTube unblocker are available over the internet.

They are free, by using them you can easily unblock video at your school and you can watch YouTube completely without any hassle.

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So as earlier we have discussed that YouTube is banned and blocked in the various country. But software developer and internet geeks find the way to watch the blocked YouTube. So what is YouTube unblocker exactly?

YouTube unblocker is a kind of web apps, from where you can easily watch YouTube, which is banned and blocked. So YouTube unblockers are very useful in the case of watching blocked videos.

In many cases, the YouTube unblocker helps to unblocked YouTube. Sometimes in an emergency case, you can use it to watch the videos.

So here I am going to list out some of the best YouTube Unblocker, which will be helpful to unblock YouTube video:

1. Use a Proxy website (

2.Using  VPN to Unblock Youtube

3. Add an S to Your HTTP Connection to unblock youtube

4. Use Browser Add-Ons or Extension to Watch/Unblock YouTube

5. Watch Same Videos on Alternative websites for unblocked youtube videos


How To Unblock YouTube using a proxy website

Now the main question is how to unblock YouTube with a proxy website. Yes, here I am going to provide you step by step guide to unblock YouTube using the best proxy website. Proxy sites work as an intermediate between device and internet acting as a middleman between your request and the requested server which helps you to connect directly to the requested server and perform Youtube Unblocked process.

Proxy servers are used by many people to hide their IP address and make possible to surf the internet from a virtual location.

Proxy servers are the best way to stay anonymous, secure, avoid censorship and even geo-blocking.


You can Unblock youtube easily by simple Steps as here in this guide I have told the detailed Guide How to Unblock Youtube using Proxfree. is one of the best websites to unblock YouTube video. You can easily unblock the YouTube video through this website. Through this website, you can unlock all the YouTube video in all of the blocked countries.

The design of this YouTube unblocker website is quite simple. All you need is to follow the steps on the website and easily Unblock Youtube and enjoy your favorite youtube Video in one click.

You can also unblock Facebook at your school or office if facebook is blocked in your school and office.  This website is trustworthy to get the unblocked video. This website provides various YouTube unblocker proxy to get you unblocked video.

I am trying to make the guide very easier and simple so that you can easily get unblocked video. So follow the following steps to unblock YouTube easily.

  1. First of all, open your computer Internet browser.
  2. Then go to the following site:
  3. On the homepage, at the bottom menu bar, you will see the menu.
  4. From Menu, click the YouTube, Now your YouTube is open and You have unblocked the YouTube.
Unblock Youtube using Proxy
Unblock Youtube using Proxy

So finally, you have done with YouTube unblocked, now you can enjoy YouTube in your country, at your school and also at your workplace. So without any hesitation, you can enjoy YouTube now.

How To Unblock YouTube  using VPN

Unblocking Youtube using the VPN is most probably the best way for youtube unblocked as it can be used to unlock youtube videos whether they are blocked in school or office or country specific.

VPN’s are the best way to browse internet anonymously as you can’t be tracked by cybercriminals, advertising agencies or the government if you browse the internet using a VPN leaving no traces of data behind to track.

As, VPN allows you to choose country so you can easily unblock youtube videos that are blocked in your country. Apart from Youtube Unblocked VPN allows accessing blocked streaming sites or unblock websites that are not available in your current location either due governmental censorship or geo-restrictions.

There are several VPN’s available in the market which may confuse you to select the best VPN to unblock youtube videos. Some VPN are available free in the market and some are paid.

Here are some points you need to remember while choosing for a VPN to unblock videos:

  • It should Unblock Youtube videos from all over the world
  • It should not slow down your internet connection i.e. must offer high-speed connection.
  • It should encrypt your traffic.

How to use a VPN to unblock YouTube

  1. Connect to your VPN.
  2. Select a server close to your location.
  3. Once you’re connected, go to YouTube. You can now browse all the youtube videos.

I have personally tried many VPN to unblock youtube videos at my school but after using a lot of VPN’s I found Zenmate as the best VPN to Unblock all the videos.

Below I have shared my personal experience how Zenmate VPN helped me to unblock all the blocked videos.

ZenMate is a Germany-based VPN provider that works as an app and as well as a browser extension. It is a Freemium VPN provider, meaning it has a free version and premium version.

Zenmate is also a very popular VPN, it is basically well known for their proxy. It is one of the best-known extension in chrome and Firefox.

You can easily unblock the YouTube. This website also provides a premium version, but you can also get the free trial version.

Personally, I am using Zenmate for last two years, because in my college YouTube is blocked. So that I was searching for the best YouTube unblocker to unblock YouTube in school, college then I found it.

This VPN service provides a great mixture of powerful features to safeguard your digital security. However, there are some added featured for paying users.

I have first used their trial version, then after a few months, I have shifted to a premium one. So if you want to get some added benefits listed below I would recommend you to Upgrade to Premium Version of Zenmate once your trial period is over and I promise you that you will love Zenmate Premium VPN service.

Some Additional Features of Zenmate Premium VPN to easily Unlock Youtube:

  • Availability of 30 servers in 29 countries
  • Installed for multiple devices i.e. Windows, Mac OSX, Android, and iOS
  • Faster speed than the free version
  • Blocks Malware
  • Connect ZenMate in 5 different devices at a single time

Zenmate provides amazing service, as well as their support team, is award-winning. So you may also go through Zenmate YouTube Unblocker.

ZenMate VPN is trusted by over 41 million users and is the best tool out there for unblocking YouTube videos or any other geo-restricted content found on the web.

How Zenmate Works for Unblocked Youtube
How Zenmate Works for youtube unblocked

How to Unblock YouTube using Zenmate?

So Here in this Guide, I am going to tell you how to unblock youtube using Zenmate VPN.

  1. Go to the
  2. You will get two options one for the Trail and another for the Premium.
  3. If you want to use it free, then go with trail one.

Now you need to register an account and then further you can unblock your YouTube using VPN.

Unblock Youtube Using VPN
Unblock Youtube Using VPN

So, Now you just have to change the proxy to another country and BOOM!! the youtube Video is now Unblocked which means you have successfully got the easiest way to Unblock any Youtube video in just a couple of seconds.

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Add or remove  S to Your HTTP Connection for youtube unblocked

This is a simple trick to unblock youtube videos in your office or school if your school or office has blocked them.

yes!! this trick can only work with school and office as school and office networks block youtube videos by entering their URLs manually into web monitoring programs, which allows them to block individual addresses as well as groups of websites.

School and colleges just make the list of the sites and paste it into their web monitoring program to block them.

all you need is to Play with the URL’s to unblock youtube videos. To bypass blocked websites, you can use “https://” instead of “http://” or vice-versa. If your office or school has blocked the URL’s manually then there are high chances that the websites or Youtube videos will be unblocked after applying this simple trick.

Note: You cannot unblock country restricted youtube videos with this trick. To unblock country restricted videos you have to use VPN or proxy networks.

Use Browser Add-Ons or Extension to Watch/Unblock YouTube

If you don’t want to use a proxy network and VPN but want to unblock youtube videos then this method can help you a lot.

There are many extensions and add-ons available for different browsers which directly unblock youtube videos.

Ultrasurf, Proxflow, ProxTube are the best browser Add-Ons by which you can unblock youtube videos anytime. All you have to do is to install these add-ons in your browser and then surf youtube.

Ultrasurf helps you, not only to unblock geo-restricted youtube videos but also all the videos restricted in that particular area by creating encrypted tunnels between your device and one of its proxy servers.

If you are a chrome user you can use Proxflow extension to unblock youtube videos and if you use firefox then ProxTube will be the best add-on as Proxtube is only available for Firefox.

These Plugins have US server that helps to unblock youtube videos.

The best benefit that you will get by using this method is though the videos will be streamed with proxy server but the videos will be loaded without using proxy server will help you get maximum loading speed and you can enjoy high-quality streaming.

Watch Same YouTube Videos on Alternative websites

Last but not least, If you are lazy enough like me 😛 😛  and don’t want to do all the above methods to unblock youtube videos then this is the best method for you.

There are many alternative websites available on the internet which already have the videos blocked by a particular country or particular geographical area.

All you have to do is to search websites like this on google for your area and enjoy the video you want to watch.


As youtube is a large library so you might not get all the Blocked videos and in that case you have to follow any of the above methods shared y me to Unblock Youtube videos. but if you are searching for a very popular video there are almost 90% chances that you will find that video on some competitor sites.

Last Words on Unblocked Youtube

Thank you so much for being on this post. Here in this post, I have shared the best guide about YouTube unblocker at YTAdvisor. I have provided you total review on YouTube Unblocker.

If you are unable to watch a YouTube video, you can try any of the methods given above for youtube unblocked.

Hope you have like this post so much. If you have any issue regarding YouTube unblocker, then feel free to comment below with your issue.

I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Do not forget to share this post on social media along with your friends.

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